Welcome to Energy-One

Hello Friends! Who or What is Energy One? We started out as a small fuel oil company in 1945 serving our family, friends, and neighbors. As the years passed, we built a strong bond with our customers. They came to rely on us for many home improvement referrals because of our dedicated service and honesty.

In the early 1980’s we decided to extend our service offerings to gas heating, electric heating, and air conditioning. In the mid 90s, we created a plumbing division and dedicated a separate division to installation work with design/build project capabilities. Recently, we expanded our HVAC department to include sheet metal fabrication and installation.

Our ability to self-perform the design, installation, and service allows us to control the quality of workmanship from start to finish. Our goal of delivering outstanding service at competitive prices and consistent customer satisfaction has been the hallmark of our company. We pride ourselves on maintaining a personal relationship with every customer. The level of trust we have developed is extremely unique. This relationship has helped to create a comfortable, rewarding experience for both our staff and customers. I want to earn your confidence and ensure you the highest measure of accountability from our team, including our office personal and our design/installation/service teams.




A Brief History

Antonio Vessella starts a neighborhood fuel oil company selling heating oil and kerosene.

Antonio passes ownership over to his two sons Anthony and Thomas. Both having full time jobs they decide to operate the business on a very small scale, servicing the local accounts that have accumulated over the years.

Thomas A Vessella graduates the University of Rhode Island and decides to take on the challenge of enlarging the family business by expanding into air conditioning work and expand the fuel sales line to include diesel fuels.

The company experiences significant growth and moves into full service plumbing, heating, cooling and retail fuel oil. Additionally, Robert J. Gasbarro Jr. joins the company with an ownership position.

A new sheet metal shop is added to the operation in order to compliment the growing cooling and mechanical departments.

Present Day

Now a fully matured HVAC, plumbing, mechanical, sheet metal, and fuel oil company, Energy One is positioned to offer a number of services for its customers from design, installation, service of HVAC systems to the delivery of heating oil and diesel fuels.

Meet Our Staff


Tom Vessella


Bob Gasbarro

Owner/Vice President

Steve Barkin

Oil Division Operations Manger

Paul Marquis

Service Manager

David Schackelford

Customer Service Coordinator

Del “DJ” Lawrence

HVAC Project Manager

Pete Withers

Plumbing Project Manager

Dan Croy

HVAC Senior Installer/Tech

Gary McLaughlin

Plumbing Estimator

Tricia Sousa

Senior Billing Admin

Gina Pereira

Billing Admin